41 cleaning "hacks" for your car

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41 cleaning "hacks" for your car

Postby Err » Sat Jul 21, 2018 12:12 pm


This was posted on my facebook feed so I checked it out. I looked through all the tips (not hacks) and most of these are really dumb. There are a few good tips like using baking soda to get smells out of your seats and cleaning your windows using newspaper. However spraying white vinegar on the bottom of your car in winter is dumb. Yes salt is corrosive but vinegar is an acid. The best advice I can give for salt is to run your car through a touchless car wash if you have a garage to park in. Otherwise flush your car thoroughly when it get warm with a hose. Also, don't add hair conditioner to your car wash. Just buy a good car wash instead.

This was my favorite "hack:"
While getting your wheels squeaky clean takes some time, using bleach is a great hack to get a better result. If you put a small amount of bleach (Clorox) on an old rag and throw some Lysol over the powder, it makes for a winning combination. After you scrub the rims with the rag, you will see results very quickly. This hack requires a little bit of labor, however, it is definitely well worth it!

Don't mix bleach with anything. Dawn does a good job removing brake dust but don't get it on your paint. It will remove the wax.

One tip I came across not mention in this article is tar removal. Try WD40 if you don't have anything else on hand. You'll need to wax the spot afterwards but this actually does work well.

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