Key Fob Battery Learning Experience

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Key Fob Battery Learning Experience

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some month ago my 1 of the Key Fob for my Toyota Camry went south . need to have the Battery replaced . simple enough you think all went as plan. open up the head of the keys and insert one new # 2016 button battery . close it back up and test it . well it worked that time and only time . these were brand new Duracell battery's . we removed them tested them on are battery tester and a second Ohm meter they tested good . so we thought it had to be the Car that was Screwed up .
as it turns out it was the battery's and not the car . we swap those battery's out for some brand new Energizer # 2016 lithium all good .
only thing we can figure out is the Duracell battery's say on the package they added a child guard coating and it the problem in working in my Key Fob's
we didn't test the battery's battery's sides of the battery's. when using are Ohm meter just the top and bottom . we got the proper voltage readings for the battery's. lesson learned is on button battery's always test the bottom and edge for voltage. :bang
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Re: Key Fob Battery Learning Experience

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Don't buy Duracell batteries. Costco sells them and they are junk. The always leak. I went to using Amazon batteries, but they don't seem to last that long. Like you, I'm on Energizer batteries.
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