Trolled, or so it seems

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Trolled, or so it seems

Postby matstars » Mon Dec 05, 2005 8:58 pm

ok I made a deal with Sideshow23Bob on Ananadtech... i bought a modded XBOX off of him for $159. He shipped promptly, no problems... now i go to run the xbox and it has these 3 switches, and one of them appears broken. I approach him on the subject and try to rectify it and he sporadically ignores me, refuses to communicate via the telephone, won't get in touch with me on AOL IM, won't answer emails timely, etc. it appears that he sold this box broken on purpose, because he's still looking for xbox accessories, but deines that it was broken when he shipped saying it played fine when he last had it

a) want my money back (and for him to cover shipping back)
b) want $50 and i will fix the problem myself

I think this seems like a fair deal. but please let me know and help me out

my next post will be transcripts of my email correspondence.. in which he keeps telling me that I'm "threatening him"

November 21- him to me

Hey Matthew,
Just letting you know that I got your payment and I'll pack and ship your xbox via priority mail today. Thanks for the quick transaction and let me know if any issues arise.

November 21- Me to him

Great, I hope to get it by thanksgiving!

November 22- Me to him
Tracking #?

November 25- him to me
So I'm currently out of town for Thanksgiving, I should be back by Sunday or Monday. I have insurance and Del. Confirmation for it so it still hasn't arrived I'd be happy to pass those on to you. Please let me know if it arrives, I expect it should.

November 25- me to him
Got it...!

it wont boot to a dashboard!

there's 3 switches, but the middle one is flmisy!

can u please help

November 26- me to him (i forgot he was out of town)


November 28- him to me

Hey Matthew,
Like I said before I would be out of town until today because of the Thansgiving holiday. I'm not sure why it wouldn't boot to a dashboard. I booted it up immediately before shipment and it played Halo 2 just fine. Make sure the switch on the far left is switched to the left. Let me know if that works.

November 28- me to him
i tried every combo of switches

November 29- me to him
I'm not going to have time to test out the xbox again (I did on thanksgiving for about an hour) until ~wed or thurs. do you have AIM, so we can talk in real time?


November 29- him to me
Hmm, I'm not sure what the problem is. Sorry for the trouble.
Yeah i have aim at sideshow23bob, but I can't access it at work so thursday evening would probably be best for me. Let me know what it displays(preferably the error code number). The middle LED should turn yellow when the correct switches are on, and the dash should then boot; and the blue chip indicator should always be on. I don't think the HD is recognized without the chip on. Hopefully we can figure this out quickly for you.

November 29- me to him
the problem is the second switch (middle) is loose and doesn't click.

> :o

November 30-me to him
will you be around tonight?

December3-me to him (after no responses in a few days)

December3- him to me
Hey Matthew,
Yeah I'm around, so what's up with the 2nd switch it won't click into place?
What does the screen show/error code appears?

December3-me to him
it boots to the MS Dash all the time

if the left switch is on

i tried every combo

please go on aim and im me@ XXXXX

December3-him to me (he never showed up online)
Hello Matthew,
Alright I'm on AIM right now, my name is sideshow23bob there. I'll be on for another hour or so, and then i'm going out to dinner.

December4-me to him
why did you not IM me

give me your phone # please

December4-me to him
all signs are you sent a defective xbox to me while knowing it... this is ridiculous

im going to the troll hunters

December 4-him to me
Hello Matthew,
Can you please act like you read the emails I sent? It's the weekend and I went out to dinner with my friends. Please don't threaten me, as you can see from my heat i'm a trustworthy person.
The xbox worked perfectly before sending it, I did purchase insurance so if we can't figure out if we can fix this switch, then hopefully we can go through USPS to get your money back.
I guess go ahead and send back the xbox and I'll see if I can fix it my self, otherwise I'll refund your money. Oh and I'm not giving my phone number to someone over the internet.

December4- me to him
Please paypal me the amount to ship it back to you. Thanks.

December4-me to him
by the way, i read every email that you sent, and no, i'm not threatening you

December4-me to him
What's up man.

Ok again this is not a threat.

I spoke with a bunch of friends about this whole matter and they all agreed that if I am to fix this myself I'm going to have to request $50 paypal from you, for my troubles, parts and labor. Nobody felt that I should pay to send this back to you. So that's my offer, either that or a refund (with you coverting the shipping back). If you sign onto ATOT and I don't see a response, I'll take that as you rejecting my offer.

Hope we can work this out.

Mat Gargano

he has signed onto ATOT... and no response

ill gladly foward anyone the chain, i couldnt figure out how to copy/paste with gmail

thanks for any help you guys can provide, this is really getting to me here...

Don Rodriguez on ATOT

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