How does someone get added to the bad traders list?

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How does someone get added to the bad traders list?

Postby Coldfusion » Sat Apr 11, 2009 5:37 pm

It seems after 7 years of online trading, i've finally had a trade "go bad". I purchased Windows Vista (why??? I know...) on another forum (again, why?). Anyhow, he confirmed he received my payment, and said he sent Vista to me. I haven't received it after a month. He says "sorry, must have been lost in the mail" and refuses to refund my money because "i can't be held accountable for the mistakes of the shipper". I know he also trades on other forums (including anandtech and hardforum), and want to warn others about his unethical trading. Who do i send his info to?

On another note it's good to see some of the old faces still around. I haven't been trading much since i bought a Mac a couple years back.

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