anyone still use a mouse pad ?

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anyone still use a mouse pad ?

Post by reno »

I know we haven't for a very long time.
think last one we had was one of the original mouse pads
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Re: anyone still use a mouse pad ?

Post by Executioner »

Yeah I use one with a wrist support. Keeps my wrist and hand straight.
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Re: anyone still use a mouse pad ?

Post by FlyingPenguin »

I would always use some kind of mat. I ruined a desk once not using one. Also, despite their claims, most mice track more accurately on a pad than a hard surface.

I used to use a mat with a wrist support. One of the better wrist support ones I found was this Belkin:

I now prefer a whole desk mat. As a gamer, you no longer have to worry about running the mouse off the mat and spoiling your shot. It's wonderful having a huge surface. I find I don't need wrist support as I have a chair with armrests and I have the arm wrest set for the height of my desk.

This one is a good quality and reasonably priced, no more than a good small mouse pad.

I used this until I decided to replace it a few months ago with a fancy one from Gamers Nexus, to support their channel. I still use the plain black one as a work surface for working on PCs so I don't scratch the desk:

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Re: anyone still use a mouse pad ?

Post by Losbot »

I got that big Glteck mat after you posted about it and I've loved it. Worked out great for me.

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Re: anyone still use a mouse pad ?

Post by darcy »

Yes :)
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