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Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 10:54 pm
by Bigal
I like the case design, especially the window. I wouldn't stealth the drives, but instead color match them to the case. I don't personnally like stealthed drives. :p

You like my latest project?


Check out the rest of my pictures here: :cool :

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 11:06 pm
by dragontatt
thank you BIGAL if you look close where it looks like the pic is grainy looking of the case thats where it is textured..

i am disabled and 5years ago never owned a puter..well got one finally seen some mod sites and i guess its like a tattoo after you get your 1st one you gotta get more same applies in modding ..once you mod your 1st thats it your already planning what you can do to the next one...

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:32 am
by joeyll
I've modded my own case.. A RaidMax Scorpio 668 with a side window. I've installed 2 Blue LED 80mm Intake fans on the side window. 1 LED 80mm Exhaust Fan in the back plus a Blue UV PCI Exhause Module. I have mirrored Dragon grills on the fans. I have a Red LED Cannon in the front panel shooting straight up from the bottom which has a nice effect. I have Sunbeam Fan Controller that lights up pretty good in a 5.25 bay. I installed Red LED lights in ALL the Molex Connectors. If you havent seen these Molex LEDs you should check them out. They REALLY make a nice addition to the inside lighting effect of your case. I have all my wires sleeved out in Blue UV Techflex wire sleeving. I have 2 Blue 12" Liquid Neon Cathode Lights in the bottom of the case with 2 Logisys Jumbo UV Lazer LED's. These are cool as hell too.. I'm in the process of installing a mirrored window I bought from in the top of the case with a 80mm Exhaust fan. I'm also going to buy a Kingwin UV BLUE Power Supply. They make some super sweet PSU's. If I can ever get my digital camera to work I'll take a picture and send it in....YES, I love modding my case!! :)


I like light shows too...

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:34 pm
by Bigal
Hey joeyll: Your RaidMax mod on the Scorpio 668 case sounds great. It would be nice to see some pictures. The trick I found with digital cameras and low light conditions (to capture the cool interior lighting effects) is to have the camera on a camera stand. It has to be stable when you press the shutter button. The aperature will be open a few seconds (maybe 3 seconds max) and you cannot hold the camera steady enough with just your ands for that duration.

Check out the recent mods to my "printer-to-computer" mod (it was in the 02/2005 issue of Maximum PC as ROTM); I added a blower fan to the top panel so I could keep all the panels closed when playing games. Before this I had to have the panels open to allow for enough airflow.

This machine now runs the Vista Beta 2 (from a few months back) and it has a PNY 7800 GS AGP videocard to go with the Athlon XP 2500+ that is overclocked to 3200+ specifcation. I need more RAM though, as I'm too cheap to spring for two sticks of tasty 1 GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM right now. I'm running two 256 MB sticks and a 3rd 256 MB stick which defeats the dual memory channel configuration but it does get me over 512 MB. Vista needed more than 512 MB. ;)

Here are some pictures of the purple illumination cold cathode I installed behind the blower fan: