Anime summer season 2004 reviews

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Anime summer season 2004 reviews

Postby DocSilly » Wed Jun 16, 2004 9:50 pm

Time to warm up for the upcoming anime summer season ...

review added june 17th:

Adapted from the famous Akira Kurosawa's equally famous film "Seven Samurai".

The story is set in the distant future, on a planet that might be Earth.

Whole armies of mechanized samurai had engaged in a lengthy war. The grounds they fought on were scorched bare. Gradually, the great war ended. Everybody's back to planting their rice fields, living only with worries over their rice harvests.

The seemingly quiet village of Kanna is encircled by deep mountain ranges. But it is not quiet by any means. Every year the bandits, Nobu Seri, composed of mechanized samurais who fought in the war, plunder the village. These samurais had lost their sense of purpose with the end of the war. Now they turn to raiding villages, plundering for rice and raping their women.

Kanna's village head, Gisama calls for everyone to fight to the end but the villagers disagreed. However he came up with an ingenious plan to repulse the Nobu Seri. They shall hire samurais to fight against the Nobu Seri.

Thus, they send out a party to search for the samurais who would save their village. The hot blooded youth Rikichi. The Mikumari sorceresses, the sisters Kirara and Komachi. These are the three that would end up on the other side of the desert, in the Kougakyou quarters during their search.

There, by chance they met the samurai, Kanbei. Kirara's intuition tells her that he is the true samurai that would save Kanna...

Ah well, I wasn't sure if I should add this one to the old spring season or start with a new thread for the upcoming summer season ... I decided to go for the new one ;)
The first two eps are pretty cool, you can certainly see how it is based on the famous film "Seven Samurai". No big surprises if yer know that movie but the giant mecha and the girls searching for the samurai give it an interesting twist. The animation itself is really great.
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