Well Comcast talked me into upgrading my bandwidth...

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Well Comcast talked me into upgrading my bandwidth...

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I went into the Xfinity store to upgrade my home Internet to unlimited data as I've exceeded my cap a for the past few months. It's just an extra $10 a month which is better than paying the overage fee of $10 per 50GB over.

While we were discussing that, the sales rep checked to see if there were any offers that would save me money. They offered to upgrade me from 400 Mbit/s to 1200 Mbit/s, and save $40 a month.

Well, why not?

Other than the excruciating pain of having to install a new modem, which NEVER goes smoothly.

I couldn't install it using the Xfinity App because the devices tab was not visible under accounts (seems to be a common issue with the app from reading forums). Manual activation online via their activation page also failed with an error every time I tried to authenticate. Finally had to get a tech on their online chat to fix it.

I am getting 750 down / 25 up which is a big improvement over the 400/12 I was getting on the old modem. It's not 1200 though. I have tech scheduled to come by to check it because they were getting a DOCSIS error on their end when they tested the connection to the modem. He said that might be a cable issue.

I'm happy enough with that speed AND unlimited, especially the increased upload speed. If they can give me a bit more, groovy, but I'm good.
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