NVIDIA's Rip-Off - RTX 4070 Ti Review & Benchmarks

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NVIDIA's Rip-Off - RTX 4070 Ti Review & Benchmarks

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Wow, even worse than we thought. It barely keeps up with an RTX 3080. This should have been labelled a 4060 and sold for $600 maximum ($500 ideally). Yeah Nvidia would have lost money on it, but they already likely have lost money since they had to reimburse the partners to rebrand the cards anyway (if you recall, these were originally released as the RTX 4080 12GB for an additional $100, but NVidia had them pulled because of the very loud push back). They should have taken the loss, called it what it is, and at least kept the faith with customers, instead of spitting in our faces.

And on top of that, the flat out ridiculous claim that it's '3 times faster than an RTX 3090'! Seriously? NVidia has lost what little good will they had left with their customers. I can only assume the PR people have completely taken over.

I have never bought a video card based on my like/dislike for either AMD OR NVidia, but much as I've been a fan of Nvidia's cards the past decade, if I was shopping for a new card now I'd buy AMD just for spite.

As it is, these things will hopefully sit on the shelf and collect dust until they are bargain basement priced, but in reality I suspect you're going to see a LOT of these in pre-built gaming systems.

If you're on a tight budget, and behind on a GPU upgrade, I'd grab a Zotac RTX 3060 Twin Edge OC. Zotac is still selling them for a reasonable $380 on their, own store, and it's $350 on Amazon right now from Amazon themselves and not a reseller. Decent budget card for 1080p gaming IMO. Nuby has one.

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Re: NVIDIA's Rip-Off - RTX 4070 Ti Review & Benchmarks

Post by Err »

Yikes! It seems this generation of NVidia cards should be skipped unless you positively need a new card. I saw a story about AMD's 7xxx Reference Cards running too hot but AMD is supposedly trying to get feedback to address the issue.

I've been happy with my 3080 12G - I was running the game High On Life at 4K and getting 150+ FPS until I capped the framerate so I didn't have to listen to the fans on the card.

What sucks is that NVidia has locked some people into their cards because NVENC encoding for game capture and streaming is more efficient than AMD's solution. Hopefully AV1 encoding will take off and get better support on Twitch and Youtube. This would help put NVidia and AMD on more equal footing.
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