Printing DVDs

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Printing DVDs

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With printable DVDs and CD disks getting less and less expensive it's getting about time to be printing disks instead of using markers!

Many people have alot of problems if they try to use printed labels on DVDs. Buy a disk and Buy the label and you spent about as much as you would on a printable disk anyway!

I think my last order of Ritek printable G03 disks cost me about 90 cents each disk.
Print them and they look like a comercail disk just about. Depends on the quality of your image of course.

So the question is how do we print them. Buying a comercailly avaible disk printer costs about $150-$350 just to print a few disks. Though they do print paper too, big deal when you look at the high cost.
You can get a great printer like the Canon I 850 for about $150 maybe less if you want to do normal printing, and it is easily refilled!

So the best option then is to find a really nice quality disk only printer for a decent price! But they don't exist!
So what next, build your own?? Yes that could be an option for those with tools and good with them! But, not an option for most people most likely.

Really too bad $50 disk printers don't exist, right :)
Well now they do, for a limited time! See my post in sizzlin deals section. :D

Merry Christmas (a bit early)

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