spectrum mobile price upcharge for plan change :(

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spectrum mobile price upcharge for plan change :(

Postby reno » Mon May 04, 2020 10:45 pm

they hit you a $30 fee for changing between there by the gig and unlimited flat rate . its the 2nd time I changed now . also the 2nd time paying the service fee.im just going to keep the unlimited plan .even do most the time i don't use but 1 or 2 gig any given month. it suck when by the gig is $14 a gig and unlimited is $45 a month. but last month was a heavy use month and bill came to $85 -plus the $30 change plan fee . my bill mostly like $28 on average . but i do have some heavy use months so to be safe im going unlimited still have 10 months on the phone contract till my S10 fully payed.and then I think im switching at least going to look around .now knowing the phone can't work if outside the USA .

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