The day has finally arrived...

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The day has finally arrived...

Post by psypher »

I've done it. I ordered an...iPhone :(

Got my son one earlier this year so had a chance to check it out, used it for a bit, verified that all the apps I needed ran on it. I'm done with Android. Google has been one let down after another. Current Pixel 3XL (<1 year old new replacement) now over heats occasionally and won't turn on until it cools off. The Google app, which runs almost everything on the home screen, crashes all the time. I have to go through Settings -> Apps and then force stop and start it. That now makes 3-4 pixels that have all failed shortly after a year. I don't get it wet, I don't drop it, in fact I've NEVER had to replace a screen.

Should be here end of next week.
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