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dell is pissing me off

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2023 3:45 pm
by reno
when we bought are laptop we sign up to extend are factory warranty to 3 years at a great price for next day service. we never needed it. so now that the contract up . they are hounding me to add more time to the contract. via email's and phone calls we might of thought about it if the price wasn't so nuts . they like tripled the original price for the contract .what's this 3 year old computer worth in todays market. figure at this point we just buy a new one if its screws up anyway. also for 3 years at the rate they want .we could buy a unit or most of a new laptop be faster and more memory. mine a I-7 and handles all we need it for plus we have 3.5 gb of storage left on this ones HD.