Excellent Cyberpunk 2077 breakdown of issues

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Excellent Cyberpunk 2077 breakdown of issues

Postby FlyingPenguin » Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:35 pm

It's 45 minutes, but if you're even thinking of buying Cyberpunk 2077, or just want to see how it's "next generation AI" compares to GTA 5 (a seven year old game!), it's worth watching, and the narrator is pretty damn funny and entertaining. It's well presented. The first 20 minutes covers the main point about the open world AI. You can skip the rest if you're not interested, but I think it's all pretty good.

Forget the bugs, which can and will be fixed, this guy makes the point that the bleeding edge AI we were promised is nowhere to be found, and the game basically tries to hide this... and fails miserably. Considering all the hype, 2077 looks like a giant step backwards compared to a game like GTA 5 or Dead Red Redemption 2.

I am constantly impressed by how the AI in GTA 5 responds to your actions. Fire a few shots in the middle of a street and NPCs all react differently: some get out of their cars and run. Some cower, some drive away and cause an accident. Some try to run you over. Sometimes one of them gets out of the car and tries to beat the crap out of you. In 2077? Not so much.

He also points out that there are features that were obviously meant to be used that just fell by the wayside. Like you can outfit your character in quite a lot of detail, but there are very few times in the game where you can see yourself. You don't even appear in reflections in windows.

This guy isn't just out to trash the game. He has a whopping 50 hours into the game, and he wanted a deeper experience that was promised and feels let down.

And the production quality of his videos is really good. It's not him just talking over a slide show.

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