Who control the main tv in your home ?

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Who control the main tv in your home ?

Postby reno » Sat Jan 25, 2020 8:49 pm

in my home it be the wife. we only turn it on at dinner time -to watch the news (local tampa news and weather) . then in the evening the wife wife mostly controls the TV. there really only like 5 or 6 programs I watch though the week . mostly i'm on my computer or working in my garage .
but down here I find these old folk have there tv set on news all day long .it seems every home i go into to do my handyman service in its what on there tv all day long . here in tampa there 24 /7 weather -news on tv it weather on the 9's every 10 minutes around the clock . the wife hooked on the hallmark channel if its not one of her many tv programs in the evening . she hooked on big bang those repeats are on all the time and her NCIS !

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Re: Who control the main tv in your home ?

Postby darcy » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:33 am

Lol,,, One TV,,, he can have it til 8pm ( he finds weird shows and documentaries he likes to watch ). I take over in evenings, until that dang football comes on and goes into "overtime", delaying my usual shows. We pretty much like the same shows, tho I make him suffer through Housewives once in a while ;) . And then, there's always On Demand. :)
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Re: Who control the main tv in your home ?

Postby psypher » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:41 am

There's some stuff the wife watches that I don't, but usually she watches it when I'm either working or busy doing stuff in the house. Otherwise we have very similar tastes, so we watch a lot of shows/movies together.

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Re: Who control the main tv in your home ?

Postby Losbot » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:31 am

With 3 TVs, we don't fight over anything. She'll typically watch her stuff on the bedroom 42". If I'm watching anything, it'll actually be on the left-most monitor of my PC, while casually gaming. I have a 50" in my office where I MIGHT watch something and if we decide to watch a movie together, then that happens in the living room, on the 65" with surround. That's like once a month. We don't watch as much TV as we used to.

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