OC max for a PIII 733 Cu Retail?

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Postby dadx2mj » Thu Feb 24, 2000 8:35 pm

First off let me say Welcome to the best place on the net hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Every chip is different and so the only way to know how far yours will go is to try. I thnik the 733's were all EB chips meaning they run on a FSB of 133 so that does not give you a lot of head room. I would guess 850 or if you are lucky maybe 900. Just work your way up slowly and keep and I on temps. Good Luck

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Postby ckaaron » Tue Feb 20, 2001 11:58 pm

New to this forum, it was good reading so I registered.

How high can I OC my new retail PIII Coppermine 733?

The system is new, and I really don't feel like finding out the hard way.

I also keep seeing copper shims talked about, and I haven't run across any - they help? I'm running an Alpha on the CPU with a Sunon fan - cooler master case.... silencer400 p/s

btw. reading the posts, this sounds like a bright site with some serious tech going on -peace.
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Postby Speck102 » Sat Feb 24, 2001 5:15 pm

I have my EB running at 825MHz at 1.7v with a GORB. I can't go higher caus my mobo won't go past 150MHz fsb. With an alpha u should get better results.

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