should i overclock my new p-3 800 slot 1

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Postby renovation » Wed Nov 22, 2000 8:38 pm

im running stock fan and heat sink -on a asus p3b-f board !
and if so at what settings ?
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Postby dadx2mj » Wed Nov 22, 2000 9:43 pm

If your P3 is an E model on 100 FSB go for it if it is and EB already on 133 FSB it will be a lot harder. Just bump the FSB up slowly to find out how far it will go. Keep an eye on CPU temp. I would get a better heat/sink fan even if I wasn't going to over clock just for peice of mind

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Reg Kmet
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Postby Reg Kmet » Wed Nov 22, 2000 11:39 pm

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Postby Schwartz » Thu Nov 23, 2000 12:43 am

My FC-PGA 800E gets upto a gig but not totaly stable. I can keep it going at 976 solid though.

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Postby Frost » Thu Nov 23, 2000 1:35 pm

duh, ofcourse o/c it!! To 3.7ghz. Wait sorry I don't think thats possible. Try and make it to 992mhz. (124x8) And if that goes well slowy bump it up over a gig! :)


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