Steam Sale

Post all the great deals here to share with other Ferengi's
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Steam Sale

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I'm sure we all need to add to our growing backlogs.

Slay the Spire is 50% off. I have over a hundred hours in this game. Most runs only take 30 to 45 minutes. ... the_Spire/

Jedi Fallen Order is 50% off. This is very good and much more forgiving than Souls-Born games. You can adjust the dodging timing in options. You will have to use Origin. ... len_Order/

STEINS;GATE VN is 60% off.

Dark Souls 3 Deluxe is 75% off. I didn't get along with the first one on PC. However, I like this one a lot.

American & Euro Truck Simulator base games are 50% off. These are so cathartic to play. ... Simulator/ ... mulator_2/

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ 80% off. I had a lot of fun with this. I have it for the PS4 but I'm not seeing any complaints about this port. ... Xanadu_eX/

Buy Event[0] 50% off. You end up on an abandoned space station at the mercy of an AI.
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Re: Steam Sale

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Nascar Heat 4 is on sale until July 9 at 75% off for $7.49. FlyingPenguin and I are having fun playing it, since you have computer opponents now.
About the only difference between it and Nascar Heat 5, is it's the 2019 season of drivers instead of 2020. I wouldn't bother with the Gold Edition unless you want the extra car paint schemes.
It seems fine driving with the a Gamepad controller. ... AR_Heat_4/
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